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Don't Get Beat by The Heat!

Don't Get Beat by The Heat!

Jul 19th 2018

We are officially into the "Dog Days of Summer"...  when it's so hot all we want to do is lie around and wait out the heat! This is the time of the season when people are starting to really feel/ … read more
​Vitamin C:  Buzz or Benefit?

​Vitamin C: Buzz or Benefit?

Apr 17th 2018

In the world of ever evolving skin care; it's hard to keep up! There's always a "newest" and "greatest" skin care product you MUST have. And when aging skin starts to become a priority, it's hard to k … read more
​Mother Nature Rocks: The Wave at Vermillion Cliffs

​Mother Nature Rocks: The Wave at Vermillion Cliffs

Aug 19th 2016

It’s hard not to be awestruck and humbled by the wonder of our natural world. As students of nature’s grand design, we’re naturally drawn to amazing structures in our surroundings as much as we are … read more

Red Clover: Your Good Luck Charm for Bad Skin

Aug 18th 2016

It’s a plant that originates in Asia, Africa and Europe and grows like a weed throughout the United States. In fact, Red Clover is so easily taken for granted that you’re probably more likely to mow … read more